Privacy Policy

Why we collect personal information:

In order to respond to queries about our services, or to fulfill requests for our services, we require things like your name, current address, phone number, and vehicle information. We also like to know your e-mail and social media IDs, so we can coordinate with you and ensure you're satisfied with our service.

We also collect IP addresses and cookies to help us to maintain our site. This way we can ensure your account works properly and give you technical support. It also helps us track user trends. Hopefully this makes your browsing experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

We promise to keep your information safe.

Sell Car For Cash Delaware always takes reasonable means to keep your information safe. Data is stored on a secure server, which can only be accessed by authorized employees.

In fact, we don't even share information unless you say it's okay. And we don't share it with any old third party, either—we only share information with the associated companies that you accept. This way you get to hear about new services from us and them.

You can always opt out.

When filling out forms on our site, we give you the option to not share your information. If you do say yes, but later decide that you’d rather opt out, that’s okay too.

We don't control the sites we link to.

Our website links to third party websites. Typically, these links are our associates. However, we only maintain responsibility for our website. We don't control what information these associates collect or how they keep it secure. Always read their policies before submitting your information.

Please note: We do link to third party sites, usually our affiliates. Sell Car For Cash Denver is only responsible for the data submitted to us, and has no control over their websites or policies.

This policy will get updated.

It's necessary that we update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Sell Car For Cash Delaware reserves the right to do so without notifying you, although we would likely post it on our home page. Be sure to check the policy regularly.